Get Schooled

Two kids break down student behavior like sports announcers to give us a game plan for better choices at school.

Classic Character

Good character never goes out of  style. It’s all these best friends talk about. Well, that, and their favorite arcade game.

Late Night with Klepto

A super-villain seeking to change his ways hosts his own late night talk show to discuss his feelings and how he can become a true hero. The MindSpark kids guest star.

STEAM-Powered Character

The MindSpark kids share how their particular S.T.E.A.M. field goes perfectly with a character lesson. For them, S.T.E.A.M. and character go hand-in-hand.

The Future Calls

Students have a direct line to the future when Dr. Shock travels through time and urgently tells us the 21st Century skills we need to thrive in school and life. We’ll thank him in the future!


Fun, 2-minute exercises designed for students to do as brain breaks at their desk or in P.E. (25 videos)


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