Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m experiencing a technical issue?

Please email [email protected] for any technical issues. We’ll get you back on track! For all other issues, email your Boosterthon Program Director.

How long are the videos and activities?

Around 2 minutes. Some videos may prompt a class discussion or activity. Teachers can choose whether they’d like to continue with the prompt.

Should I show the videos in order or can I pick and choose?

Whichever you prefer! You can select tabs that show you only videos within a certain topic. With that in mind, we encourage you to pick and choose the videos that fit your class’s needs best. if your school is using these videos as a year-long character program, we suggest playing all the videos in order.

What happens when Boosterthon arrives on campus? Do I still play videos?

No, you will pause showing videos until the Boosterthon program ends. Why? Because during the Boosterthon program, students will watch Boosterthon’s six main MindSpark Mystery Lab videos, that are separate but complimentary to the year-round videos.

Should I play the year-round videos on the same day of the week?

You can be as flexible or structured as you like! However, if you’re playing the videos regularly, we recommend showing them on the same day of the week for the sake of predictability in the school schedule.

What if I booked Boosterthon and the school year has already begun?

That’s ok! The Character Video Library is designed to be used throughout the school year, at any time. Like most things, the sooner the better though.

Can I track the videos's effectiveness?

Yes! Did you feel the program strengthened your school and your students in specific areas? Let us know by sending an email to [email protected]! Your feedback will help create a more impactful program for your students in the following years. Thanks for making our Character Video Library stronger for everyone!

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